Two Digital Media and Learning Opportunities

October 19 is the deadline for proposals for the Digital Media and Learning Conference that will take place in March in San Francisco. Questions presentations at the conference will answer are:

  • What are the primary purposes and practices of education, and how can technology accelerate or decelerate them?
  • When we talk about disruptive technologies, what systems and players are we really seeking to change and to what end? 
  • What sectors, institutions and populations are we mobilizing for innovation and for whom are we mobilizing them?
  • How do we design, build and fund infrastructures around new connections across and configurations of learning?
  • How do we cultivate a healthy, symbiotic ecosystem of innovation that leads to a future of Connected Learning?

You can learn more on the proposal web page.


There is also a call for proposals for research grants in the area of digital media and learning. The proposal web page states:


We seek empirical and theoretical research focusing on these questions. Studies should focus on areas such as:

  • Ranking, badging, and achievement systems in games, clubs, competitions, and other forms of interest-driven activities.
  • Accreditation and certificates outside of formal degree programs, including areas such as work skills training, arts, crafts, and other trades.
  • The role of credentials, badges, and other recognitions of achievement in career and reputation development.
  • Empirical, theoretical, and critical studies of how companies, groups, and individuals produce, utilize, and exploit various credentialing and reputation systems.

Learn more on the project web page.

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